More advantages. Better performance

More energy efficient
Opnova is extremely energy efficient. Even though it offers stronger illumination levels and deeper light penetration than traditional fluorescent lighting, it uses much less power than traditional fluorescent light tubes or metal-halide lamps.

More reliable
By using high-quality, advanced Cree LED chips with strict production technology, Opnova also complies with international safety standard.

More operating hours
Opnova has a service life of 30,000 hours. That's 5 and 8 times longer than the lifespan of fluorescent light tubes and metal-halide lamps respectively.

More performance
Opnova is an innovative product developed by Optiled, a world-renowned lighting brand with more than a decade of history. Optiled takes pride in its 100% focus on LED lighting product innovation using the latest electronics, thermal management and lighting designs to meet international grade performance and quality.

Less algae growth
Opnova emits a well controlled beam angle, which helps to reduce algae growth in the tank making the display more appealing and cutting down on maintenance.

Less heat emission
Opnova uses cool light illumination technology which produces much less heat in operation than metal-halide lamps. This not only has less effect on the water temperature in the tank, it also has less impact on the surrounding room temperature. Opnova also has a special heat spreading design that requires no additional ventilation equipment allowing it to operate serenely in any environment.

Less harmful
LED lighting does not emit harmful UV or infrared light and is filly compliant with the Euro RoHS standard. It does not contain lead or any other toxic materials.